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Life Group Questions for THE GOSPEL OF MARK

No struggle, no strength. No pain, no gain. No pressure, no progress. I could go on but I think you get the point. It's just the way it is. You have to give a little before you get anything in return. In order to see improvement or growth, something has to give. Something has to commit to the process. The 2nd law of thermodynamics can be summarized by saying that all things are moving from order to disorder unless those things are influenced by a greater outside energy or force. Simply put, unless you do something to bring growth or progress, things will naturally fall into disorder. Things will atrophy, decay, rust, dissolve, and disappear. This is seen in nature as well as in our own lives. Nothing just gets better on its own. Rather, left to itself, most things fall apart. I believe that is why God has given us one another to live with. He's created relationships, friendships, and families for many reasons but one reason in particular is to cause growth in each of us. To allow us opportunities to be shaped and strengthened by one another. Like iron sharpening iron we were created by God to help each other along the way. Sometimes this process isn't easy though. Sometimes people can rub you the wrong way or even cause pain, struggle, or pressure. This usually happens unintentionally. But sometimes though rare, it happens on purpose. But one thing is true, it will happen to you and it will happen to me. There will be pressure, struggle, and pain. In my flesh I get frustrated and want to run from these things. But in God's grand design He's chosen to rescue us from our apathy and put us in relationships with one another so we can grow, change, and develop into the people He wants us to be. There's a radical verse in 1 Thessalonians 3:3 where Paul is comforting the church in Thessalonica about trials and suffering and he says this, 'That no one should be shaken by these afflictions, for you yourselves know that we are appointed to this.' WOW! Paul tells his buddies to not be shook by the trials but instead to settle into the fact that we are appointed to them. God has made it a point that life will have pressure so we can in turn see progress, growth, and strength as we do life together. Today, let's not be shaken by the various difficulties in front of us but rather let's accept them as God's appointed tools to make us into the men and women He's created us to be. He is for you!

Pastor Luke 


Have you prayed about starting a 4 Is More group for you and some of your friends? 

We believe that discipleship and fellowship in the Lord is more important now than ever before so we are encouraging EVERYONE to press into greater friendships with like minded believers so we can GROW together! If you have questions or need help getting your groups started, email us and we'll do what we can. 


• Young Adult Group Monday's at 6p at the Offices 

• Women’s Bible Study Wednesday's at 9:45a (Child care provided) 

• Monday Bible Study at FTK 6p

• Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays Step Study at 6p at Foursquare 

• Food Pantry Tuesdays 2:30-4p at First Presbyterian Church

• Middle School Youth Group Wed at 4p Foursquare 

• High School Youth Group Wed at 6:30p at the Foursquare 

• Thursday Morning Prayer 7:30a at the Offices! 

• Series 33 Men's Bible Study at FTK Friday's at 6p


• Loyalty Day's Parade Float Sat May 4th 12p

• Blessing of the Fleet Sun May 5th 

• Fundraiser Craft Garage Sale July 11th-14th

• Oregon Women's Conference May 18th Lebanon Oregon 

• Sunday's Church Live at 8a, 10a, 12p and online at 6p FOURSQUARE! 

SBC Offices open Mon-Thur 10a-3p

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5x5x5 Reading program. 

Keep reading your Bibles! 

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1) In Mark 2 we see Jesus heal a dude because of the faith of his 4 friends. So rad these buddies had the FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE to bring their friend to JESUS. Who are the men and women in your life that had that same faith to bring you to Jesus in prayer and love? Celebrate the ones who helped to 'heal' you in Jesus name! I'm so thankful for Angie, Frank, Jeremy, Mark, Melinda, Paige, Barb, and the list goes on and on! 

2) After Jesus healed the lame guy He went out preaching and saw another lame guy. A tax collector named Levi. No one liked Levi! But Jesus loved Him and called him to follow Him and he became a disciple of Jesus. How does this radical love challenge you to love others in this way? Are you more cynical and critical or loving and gracious? How can we love like Jesus did? 

3) Then Jesus was hanging out with sinners and tax collectors and got in big trouble for it. People didn't like the crowd that Jesus was attracting. But Jesus taught them that He'd come for the sick, not the well. How well do modern day churches do in modeling this approach? How well is SBC doing right now to make room for the 'sick' and the sinful? Let's be like JESUS! 

I love you guys and Jesus loves you even more! 

Let's let His love COMPEL us to DTRNT! 

In Jesus name! 

Pastor Luke 

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