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Life Group Questions for THE GOSPEL OF MARK

A couple days ago we left for Mexico at 11p on a Sunday night. If that sounds crazy it's because it is. Our first real stop was in Grants Pass at around 3:30a when we switched drivers, fueled up, and used the restrooms. What a blur. A few hours later we rolled into Redding for a quick bite to eat and eventually arrived at our hotel in Lebec California near 7p. After dinner and a quick dip in the pool we went to bed and hit the road early the next morning. After another few hundred miles and a little bit of drama at the border we finally arrived at our destination and settled in. While we had finally arrived at where we were going there were two huge realites that needed to be considered. The first was that everything we'd been through was just as important as what we were preparing to do. The journey was part of the process. Everything leading up to our arrival was just as instrumental as the things we were attempting to do while in Mexico. Secondly the things we intended on doing next were uncharted waters. The future hadn't been penned yet and this required more faith and more 'showing up'. The past was important and the future was unknown. As we settled into our first night in Mexico, Pastor Adam told us that we had a week to accomplish our mission. He told us that that might seem like a long time and maybe even too long at times, but before we knew it, the week would be over and we'd be packing our bags and saying goodbye. Adam challenged us to not miss it. To not let the week go by so fast that we'd wished we'd had more time. He was right. Before we knew it, we were saying goodbye and picking our van seats for the next 2 days. In our lives right now it's no different. The things you've already been through and the life you've lived thus far are very important for your journey. God has been working in you and on you and for you. Also, the life you haven't lived yet is flying by at warp speed and every day is a gift from God. Before you know it, you'll be giving your hugs and saying your goodbyes to this season too. The challenge is to stay your mind on Jesus and set your heart on things above. God is for you and He always has been. Let's stay the course and keep traveling with Jesus. He loves you and so do I!

Pastor Luke 


Have you prayed about starting a 4 Is More group for you and some of your friends? 

We believe that discipleship and fellowship in the Lord is more important now than ever before so we are encouraging EVERYONE to press into greater friendships with like minded believers so we can GROW together! If you have questions or need help getting your groups started, email us and we'll do what we can. 


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• Thursday Morning Prayer 7:30a at the Offices! 

• Series 33 Men's Bible Study at FTK Friday's at 6p


• Fundraiser Craft Garage Sale July 11th-14th THIS WEEK! 

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1.  How does the transformation of the demon-possessed man inspire you to believe in Jesus' ability to transform lives today?2. How can we use our own 'healing' experiences to spread the good news like the demon-possessed man did in the Decapolis?3. Pastor Adam shared about his own prejudice towards the recovery community before working with CR, In what ways has God been kind enough to reveal some areas of prejudice in your life?



The Lord is on the move and all He asks us to do is keep up! 

Let's DTNRT and TTP! 

(Do the next right thing and trust the process!) 

Pastor Luke 

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