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January 2024

The new home for South Beach Church is nearly ready for permit submittal and will be turned over to the City of Newport this coming month. The design process has been an incredible reminder that God’s timing is always the right timing. This project has been in development since 2014. With every challenge or potential setback, this design has improved. It’s so humbling to be at this point in the project. Next up, the exciting part of watching the new building come to life on the hill!


February 2024

We've submitted our building permits to the city, a crucial step for us to gain approval for our construction plans. We are in a period of anticipation, waiting for the approved permits to be returned to us within the next few weeks or months. This waiting period is a standard part of the construction process, involving a thorough review by various departments. Their task is to ensure our proposed construction complies with all building codes, zoning laws, and other regulations, a process we respect and understand as vital for the safety and well-being of our community.

After receiving the approved permits, we will eagerly begin the grading and construction of our new building. Let's pray for a smooth and swift approval process so that we can proceed with our construction plans without delay. 


At the recent SBC TUFF meeting, we discussed many topics related to the new building. This summary is a general outline of the progress, financial overview, and basic details about our new building. As we seek wisdom, favor, and provision, trusting in God's timing and grace, let's DTNRT and keep our hearts and minds aligned with His vision, contributing to a future where our SBC can continue to love, serve, and grow in the community around us.

  • Project Progress and Planning:

    • The project aims for a 2024 start with initial site prep and grading.

    • Utilities and foundation work are expected by mid-summer 2024.

    • Steel construction to commence by July/August 2024, targeting a weatherized structure by year-end.

  • Financial Overview:

    • Raised nearly $1 million in 2023, with $500,000 spent on land improvements.

    • Current funds amount to $2.5 million, with a project goal of $5 million.

    • Strategies for future fundraising and cost-saving measures are in place.

  • Building Details and Amenities:

    • Single-story, 20,000 sq ft structure with potential for expansion.

    • A versatile space for worship, community events, and educational purposes.

    • Special considerations for soundproofing and environmental sustainability.

  • Community and External Relations:

    • Positive relationships with city planners and anticipation of growing community needs.

  • Volunteer and Contribution Opportunities:

    • Opportunities for community involvement in construction and fundraising.

    • Encouragement for creative donations and financial support to meet project goals.

  • Future Considerations:

    • Anticipation of additional facilities for expanded ministry and community services.

    • Discussion on the potential integration of solar panels.

For full details, please watch the SBC TUFF meeting posted above. Thank you to everyone involved in this journey toward our new church building! As we move forward, we ask for continued prayers for wisdom in decision-making, favor with city officials and planners, patience in the building process, provision for necessary funding, protection over the construction, and blessings for the Four Square Church and our community. Your support is invaluable in turning our shared vision into reality.

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