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south beach
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about sbcs

At South Beach Christian School, we “seek first the Kingdom of God.” Our Christ-centered focus includes Bible study, worship, and prayer. We intentionally develop our relationship with Jesus Christ and our love for one another. We encourage staff and students to approach each day with guidance from the Holy Spirit and a playful, joyous outlook. As a school community, we explore God’s amazing creation through inquiry-based, experiential learning which allows for valuable connections to real-world scenarios. We foster a biblical worldview by integrating the Bible as we study history, geography, science, English/language arts, math, and the arts. We offer specialty classes including foreign language, life skills, STEAM, Makerspace, and others based on the skills and talents of our teachers and volunteers. Our transformational, hands-on approach to learning includes opportunities to serve in our school, our community and beyond. Through the collaborative effort of family, church and school, we train children to be confident in who God is and who God created them to be, empowering them to pursue the “way they should go” with excellence in view of eternity.

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