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Life Group Questions for THE GOSPEL OF MARK

It's guaranteed. You're gonna make it. It's also guaranteed it won't be easy. It's not meant to be easy. When I was in high school I signed up for wrestling camp at Oregon State University during the summer of 1995. They had two options. One was a technical camp where for one week they taught you the best techniques from around the world. The other option was a two week intensive training camp where they taught you the same techniques as the other camp but also included some intensive physical and mental training which was designed to bring you to the point of breaking. Every day. I remember kids throwing up, crying, and even quitting. I still have a knee injury that reminds me of that camp 30 years ago. When I was signing up it was an easy decision to make. I wanted to be the best wrestler I could be so I went to the hardest camp available. The path of least resistance doesn't always get us to where we really want to be. Sometimes it's the hardest path that leads us to the greatest rewards. In our lives, it's not always easy. Oftentimes it's harder than we thought it'd be. This is by design. God knows that in our temporary lives we need to be challenged in order to be eternally ready for what He has planned for us. If your life is a bit harder than you thought it'd be, good. That means God is making something more beautiful than you had in mind. You're gonna make it. It won't be easy, but it was never supposed to be easy. He is for you! Keep going! 

You're gonna make it. 

Pastor Luke 


Have you prayed about starting a 4 Is More group for you and some of your friends? 

We believe that discipleship and fellowship in the Lord is more important now than ever before so we are encouraging EVERYONE to press into greater friendships with like minded believers so we can GROW together! If you have questions or need help getting your groups started, email us and we'll do what we can. 


• Young Adult Group Monday's at 6p at the Offices 

• Women’s Walk and Talk June 12th 10a South Beach State Park 

• Monday Bible Study at FTK 6p

• Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays Step Study at 6p at Foursquare 

• Food Pantry Tuesdays 2:30-4p at First Presbyterian Church

• Middle School Youth Group Wed at 4p Foursquare (SUMMER BREAK!) 

• High School Youth Group Wed at 6:30p at the Foursquare (SUMMER BREAK!) 

• Thursday Morning Prayer 7:30a at the Offices! 

• Series 33 Men's Bible Study at FTK Friday's at 6p


• Baccalaureate Wed June 5th 6p at Foursquare 

• Fundraiser Craft Garage Sale July 11th-14th

• Footsteps of Paul Tour June 2025

• Sunday's Church Live at 8a, 10a, 12p and online at 6p FOURSQUARE! 

SBC Offices open Mon-Thur 10a-3p

1164 SW Coast Hwy Suite A


5x5x5 Reading program. 

Keep reading your Bibles! 

Download the reading plan at 


You can mail in your offerings at 

South Beach Church

PO Box 950

Newport Or 97365


1) What a blessing to have Pastor Rich Jones with us on Sunday at SBC! What was your reflection of this Sunday and Rich's message out of Acts 28? 

2) In his message Rich pointed out that Paul and his companions faced their ship directly into the storm and the waves in order to navigate their crash landing and eventual rescue. How well do you face adversity? Do you run from your problems or do you face the ship directly into the storm? 

3) In Acts 28 Paul is seen serving the wet prisoners by picking up sticks to throw into the fire. In so doing, he gets bit by a poisonous viper but he simply shakes it off and keeps serving. What lessons can we learn from this story? Have you ever sought to serve others and gotten bit or hurt in the process? Did you shake it off and keep serving or did it take you out? What is your favorite attribute of the Apostle Paul? (Read Acts 20:24) 

You're gonna make it! 

Keep going! 

Pastor Luke 

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