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Life Group Questions for THE GOSPEL OF MARK

You're probably in a season right now. No, I'll be more direct. You are in a season right now. What season you're in I don't know but I do know that the author of your life is writing your story from season to season. Some seasons are more obvious than others. Some seasons are so mundane and even boring that you would never attribute it to a season. You might think it's just life. Other seasons are so obviously glorious that you take a selfie, write in your journal, and mark it in your calendar so you never forget. Then there are other seasons we'd soon rather forget. Seasons can come and go and change in the course of a day. Seasons. Life is full of them. This is God's plan to accomplish His perfect work in your life every day, every week, and every year. Each season matters. Sometimes God has us in seasons of rest and steadiness. Other times we are in seasons of extreme storms and testing. There are seasons of fruit, increase, peace, and joy. The best season! Sometimes we are in seasons of change and maturity, leaving the old and preparing for the new. You are in a season. God has ordered it and is sovereign over it. Your job is to delight in the Lord, put your roots down in the soil of His Word, and trust His process. He will finish the work He began in you. Hold on. Springtime is coming. He is for you. 

Pastor Luke 


Have you prayed about starting a 4 Is More group for you and some of your friends? 

We believe that discipleship and fellowship in the Lord is more important now than ever before so we are encouraging EVERYONE to press into greater friendships with like minded believers so we can GROW together! If you have questions or need help getting your groups started, email us and we'll do what we can. 


• Young Adult Group Monday's at 6p at the Offices

• Women’s Bible Study at Foursquare 10a

• Monday Bible Study at FTK 6p

• Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays Step Study at 6p at Foursquare 

• Food Pantry Tuesdays 2:30-4p at First Presbyterian Church

• Middle School Youth Group Wed at 4p Foursquare

• High School Youth Group Wed at 6:30p at the Foursquare

• Thursday Morning Prayer 7:30a at the Offices! 

• Series 33 Men's Bible Study at FTK Friday's at 6p


• RISE UP Men's Conference Sat March 9th at Calvary Corvallis 

• Sunday's Church Live at 8a, 10a, 12p and online at 6p FOURSQUARE! 

• Israel May 6th-17th 2024 (POSTPONED!) PRAY FOR ISRAEL! 

SBC Offices open Mon-Thur 10a-3p

1164 SW Coast Hwy Suite A


5x5x5 Reading program. 

Keep reading your Bibles! 

Download the reading plan at 


You can mail in your offerings at 

South Beach Church

PO Box 950

Newport Or 97365


1) WOW! We just moved to 3 services at SBC last Sunday!! 8a, 10a, and 12p. What service did you go to and how was it? How has the transition been for you in our new building? What has been the hardest part and what has the Lord showed you through it all? 

2) We just began the Gospel of Mark on Sunday. What is your favorite Gospel and why? What is your favorite story about Jesus in the Gospels and why? 

3) We finished up our week of prayer and fasting on Friday! Did you participate in any way by focusing on the things of Heaven more and the things of earth less? What was your week like? Did you have any words or revelations or encouragements during the week? Share your testimonies and bless one another and glorify God! 

We are in a season. God is testing some, growing others, and giving rest to His kids. 

Let's keep our roots in the soil of His Word and let Him sweeten us into the people He wants us to be! 

I love you all! 

Pastor Luke 

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