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Life Group Questions for Ruth 3-4

This is the week of prayer and fasting. A time when we simplify the things that are less important and intensify the things that are most important. Press into the Lord and lay hold of that which Christ Jesus laid hold for you! The best is yet to come. DTNRT. 

Our prayer gatherings are at 7a every day and 6p every night. 

Come seek the Lord together and then on Friday we'll celebrate with fresh homemade bagels and soups. Bring your favorite soup to share!

We've been averaging 120 per night!

See you soon!

Pastor Luke 


Have you prayed about starting a 4 Is More group for you and some of your friends? 

We believe that discipleship and fellowship in the Lord is more important now than ever before so we are encouraging EVERYONE to press into greater friendships with like minded believers so we can GROW together! If you have questions or need help getting your groups started, email us and we'll do what we can. 


• Young Adult Group Monday's at 6p at the Offices

• Women’s Bible Study at Foursquare 10a

• Monday Bible Study at FTK 6p

• Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays Step Study at 6p at Foursquare 

• Food Pantry Tuesdays 2:30-4p at First Presbyterian Church

• Middle School Youth Group Wed at 4p Foursquare

• High School Youth Group Wed at 6:30p at the Foursquare

• Thursday Morning Prayer 7:30a at the Offices! 

• Series 33 Men's Bible Study at FTK Friday's at 6p


• Week of Prayer and Fasting Feb 18th

• Sunday's Church Live at 9 & 11 online at 6p FOURSQUARE! 

• Israel May 6th-17th 2024 (POSTPONED!) PRAY FOR ISRAEL! 

SBC Offices open Mon-Thur 10a-3p

1164 SW Coast Hwy Suite A


5x5x5 Reading program. 

Keep reading your Bibles! 

Download the reading plan at 


You can mail in your offerings at 

South Beach Church

PO Box 950

Newport Or 97365


1) We finished the book of Ruth! So fun and it only took us 6 weeks to get through 4 chapters. Well done! The book of Ruth began with 3 funerals and ended with a groom, a bride, and a very special baby. How cool is that! Sometimes our lives can take sudden turns in the wrong direction. But it's God who writes our final chapters and redeems all things for His good. How does this encourage you in your current situations? What other Biblical stories started out bad or had sudden twists but God redeemed them? How about your stories? 

2) The book of Ruth is full of types and shadows. Boaz is a picture of Jesus and Ruth is a picture of the Church. How does this encourage you or challenge you? Did you see any other types or shadows that blessed you? 

3) This is the week of increased prayer and fasting! How's it going for you? What is your current discipline of prayer in your life? Are there any areas of christian disciplines you think God wants you to intensify? He is for you! 

Let's press in! 

Pastor Luke 

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