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Life Group Questions for THE GOSPEL OF MARK

Yesterday my son Noah borrowed my phone to log in and verify his Microsoft account for his Nintendo Switch. A few minutes later I tried to go to my Facebook account for some harmless morning scrolling only to find out that I had been logged out. I noticed my Messenger account was also logged out. I texted Noah and told him that whatever he'd done had also booted me off my socials. I tried his new passcode to see if that would work. Nothing. Then my wife mentioned that she too had been logged out of her socials. I texted Noah again and told him that whatever he'd done had also knocked his mom out of her accounts. I was frustrated and also didn't really know what to do next to fix the whole thing. And then a friend texted my wife and I asked if our Facebook had logged us out because they got logged out too. It was then that I knew Noah had really blown it bad. No that's not true. It was then that I realized it wasn't Noah at all. Circumstantially it appeared that it was Noah and I made the logical assumption that it was his fault and I was holding him accountable. Until I realized it wasn't him at all. I realized I was wrong. And while I never lost my temper or said anything regrettable, I had Misunderstood the situation, made Assumptions that led to Accusations and ultimately made a small Divide between us. We all do this. Daily. It's what makes our relationships MAAD. We don't have all the info, we often think the worst of a situation and then develop accusations and the end result is some sort of division or damage to the relationship. Once I realized I was wrong I immediately went to Noah and explained that it was a global Facebook outage and it wasn't him after all and I was sorry for assuming. I said sorry. And we were back on track and no one was MAAD. Misunderstandings that lead to assumptions and accusations and division or damage can happen so fast. In these days of deep division and relational damage let's always be on guard to not let the enemy into our homes, churches, or relationships. God is for you and has asked us to esteem others as better than ourselves. Let's do it! God bless you!

Pastor Luke 


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1) On Sunday we learned just a little bit more about the author of Mark himself. According to the book of Acts we see that Mark ran into some trouble and quit mid mission with Paul and Uncle Barney. He really let them down and caused the team to suffer. Most believe he struggled with fear which led to failure. Here's the crazy thing though: God wasn't done with Mark! God sent a few 'restorers' to walk along side of Mark and get him back up to speed. How does this encourage you? Have you ever been on the side of needing restoration and encouragement? Share your story. Have you ever seen someone who needed to be helped back into the fight? What verses would you share with someone who had suffered from failure? 

2) On Sunday we saw that immediately after Jesus was baptized the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness to be tested and tempted for 40 days. WOW! No test, no testimony. How do you do in testing seasons? Do you embrace them or resist them? Often it's in the storms that God is directing, protecting, correcting, and perfecting. What storms are you in now? What do you think the Lord is working into you or out of you? 

3) Jesus saw the 4 fishermen on the shores of Galilee and told them to follow Him. What does it mean to follow Jesus? These weren't qualified men. But they were called. And in time, they'd be trained and qualified to serve the Master. How does this encourage you today about your own calling? How critical are you of others' callings in their lives when you see they may not be qualified yet? God is always working! Trust the process!

God is for us y'all! 

His grace is enough. 

Eyes on Him

Big smile

The best is yet to come!

Pastor Luke 

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